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The virtual classroom is an ideal setting for many students.

What Problem Are We Solving?

Today, millions of students from under resourced communities are struggling to meet basic math and science standards, performing much lower on standardized exams than their wealthier counterparts. This problem has been exacerbated by the global pandemic, pushing many students farther behind and exposing the great inequity that plagues our educational system.

Our Solution

High-Dosage Tutoring!

There is no secret sauce in this remedy. Studies have shown that intensive 1 to 1 academic support can greatly impact a student’s performance in the classroom and on standardized exams.
akuzee ensures that each student is a placed in a virtual classroom and assigned a highly trained instructor that will design a learning plan specific to the needs of the student. Weekly tutoring sessions, no less than 2 hours per week, will align with the student’s current course work, providing relevant support.


What has kept this solution away from so many students from under resourced communities is affordability. 1 to 1 tutoring is very expensive and is usually a resource only available to students of wealthier families.
Because our mission is not profit driven, akuzee is able to efficiently design and deliver educational support to students at a competitive rate - democratizing quality education. Quality education should not be a luxury.

Online Live Class

Prior to the global pandemic, many students had never completed a full day of classes in a virtual environment. We have to thank modern technology for enabling students across the globe to continue their education through such a very uncertain time.
The virtual classroom is a very powerful tool when used to provide 1 to 1 academic support. Unlike virtual classrooms that were used by many school districts in America during the crisis, akuzee’s virtual classroom has a student to teacher ratio that is more favorable for students who need attentive and self-paced academic support.
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Whether you are a parent, teacher, school principal or director of a child centered program, akuzee is here to help. Simply fill out the demo request form and one of our consultants will contact you within 48 hours. Or, you can email us directly at: info@akuzee.com

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